For information about the various models like playing qualities, kinds of wood, etc. you can contact me at the telephone numbers below.

The oboes can be tried out at my house. The easiest and most direct is to contact me and make an appointment by telephone or by e-mail. You are welcome to play and to ask questions.

It is also possible to get advice concerning reedmaking or to get some baroque oboe lessons.

  • 10% of the price should be paid in advance and the remaining amount has to be paid at delivery. If the order is cancelled before delivery, the deposit will only be refunded if a new buyer is brought in.
  • The delivered instrument can be returned within 4 weeks after delivery. The paid amount will be refunded minus any made costs (special adjustments and/or porto).
  • The instrument will be delivered without accessories. A cover can be ordered for which extra costs will be charged.
  • It is sometimes possible to borrow an oboe if one is on stock. A high demand could mean the instrument can be borrowed only part of the time.
  • There is a guarantee on the material of 1 year providing normal usage. You should be extra careful about large changes of temperature in a cold environment.
  • Rereaming is advisable within 1 year. There will be no charges besides any porto.
  • The named delivery time can vary because of my other activities as an organizer and executive musician.
  • The instruments should be oiled with e.g. oil of almonds to counteract influence of fluids. Twice a year is advisable. The oboe should be cleaned one day after the oiling.